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I want to welcome you to my new blog. I hope to converse with many of you, to discuss topics that interest you, to answer questions and queries as best I can. Counselling is a lonely job, and I look forward to connecting with people in a different setting. I remember when I was interested in history research, there were times when I became starved for inspiration, and it was so good to talk to others about historical matters. Now I am interested in the human being. I suppose I now live more in the present than in the past!! I am intensely interested in helping to relieve human distress.

I would like to talk to you about such topics as bereavement, toxic or core shame, depression, abuse (verbal, physical, emotional/psychological, financial, sexual, and workplace or neighbourhood bullying (you have all heard of the ‘families from hell’, I imagine). I love looking at childhood issues, and how our childhood forms our adult personality, how it can help to shape a happy joyful adulthood, or a pain filled adulthood marked by low self-esteem and sometimes self-hatred.

I am interested in anxiety, and how it arises and how to deal with it. I am interested in relationship difficulties, self-esteem, stress, anxiety. I like to see the roots of these distresses, and sometimes I get people to use art therapy to make these roots visible. I would also like to discuss counselling with you. What it means. What it entails in practise. Does it always work? Is so why. If not, why not.

So I invite you to post an entry to my website, and begin a discussion on any of these. I will begin with core or toxic shame, which is a difficult issue to understand.


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