When a Child Dies. Footsteps of a Grieving Family. (available at Veritas or Amazon)

Sometimes I remember him as I pass the crossroads where

he was killed. At one stage I contemplated putting up a cross

where he died. I wanted people to remember what had

happened. I wanted people to know that we had lost a child.

 I actually received permission from the County Manager to do so.

This thinking soon changed. As I have said, Cathal is always

in my heart; I don’t need any concrete reminders of him. He

lives there, always as a thirteen-year-old child. He will never

grow old for us. I do not always feel sad when I see reminders

of Cathal, but probably a little numb, for it is still hard to

contemplate the loss of my child. It is hard to contemplate

this young boy lying in the cold earth, as I drive past the

graveyard. It is not possible to forget. But who would want to

forget one’s child? These moments of sadness are generally

brief, and I rarely think of him for the rest of the day. Life

goes on, and most of the time is happy and peaceful.

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