when a child dies. footsteps of a grieving family (book available from veritas or amazon

So now when people ask me if it is possible to get over the

death of a child, my response is that it is not, but that the

surviving parents and siblings can be peaceful and happy.

That is how I am. I am happy, and have peace of mind. But I

think of Cathal almost every day, even after eighteen years,

and sometimes I feel a deep sadness and a sense of loss. I

think of Cathal because I always remember my family, alive

and dead, in my brief daily prayers, and because the graveyard

where he lies is on the road from my house to Thurles. I rarely

visit his grave. The memory of him, his face and his voice, are

engraved on my heart. Mary, however, finds some comfort in

visiting his grave every Sunday. I know, too, that he is forever

in her heart; she who remained at home from work so that

she would always be there for him and for all our children.

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