End of a continuing story!

Cathal was indeed a free spirit. A joy in our lives, as all our
children are. For thirteen years he was part of our family in
his human form. He is now part of our family in his spirit. He
will always be part of us. He lives in our hearts, and we will
never forget him.

I would like to close our story with the final words of Breda
in the last entry of her diary. She mirrors our thoughts as we
join her in reaching out to our thirteen-year-old child:
Cathal is no longer here, my life is not as it was; it never
will be. Sometimes I fantasise about being with him.
Sometimes he spends nights with me. I wake up
thinking about him, & knowing he’s been here. Good
night Cathal, my beautiful little brother. I love you my
baby & wherever you are I hope you can feel it. Please
pray that someday we can all be with you, & ask God to
make our lives a little happier. I love you forever and
ever. Your ‘little red hen’.

When a Child Dies. Footsteps of a Grieving Family. Published by Veritas

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