Your gut is your most important asset. Learn to be in contact with it.

In the last blog we were looking at the different types of intelligence we have. We may be strong in some areas and not so strong in others. I mentioned that emotional intelligence (the capacity to connect emotionally to another) was the most important. After all you would prefer to be married to an emotionally available person than to a genius who is distant and remote! Creativity is part of our human intelligence, and other creatures have enormous creativity. Look at how birds can weave a nest, or the beautiful nests that mice create for their young. It is innate and we all have it. It is how we do things in our unique way.
Part of your creativity is using your gut feeling. Your gut is your best adviser. You will find it a rich source of inspiration, when you become acquainted with it by constantly practising gut communication. This can take some time and effort. It may be true, as some writers claim, that those with fear of failure make poor choices in terms of careers, but they also make poor choices in most areas of their lives because of this debilitating underlying condition. One of the best ways to look at your precise goals, your judgement, and your proposed behaviour is to use your gut. Many people instinctively close it off, probably because they are not used to referring to it or because subconsciously they fear what it will tell them. I have studied the gut from my own experiences and made some important decisions on its response. I will give you an example. I once considered becoming a counselling supervisor. It would not have been difficult and I made enquiries from supervisor trainers. My head said yes. Statistics in my county showed that there were hundreds of counsellors and only a small number of supervisors. My head rightly said that I would make more money than the small amount I make from counselling. I asked my gut, confidently expecting its approval and was surprised when it strongly rejected my plan. The gut usually responds in about five seconds and using it will save you many headaches and prevent poor decisions. I try not to go against my gut, and whenever I do, I create problems. I do not immediately accept the gut’s simple response of yes or no. I like to know the reason for its answer and your gut will tell you, because it knows everything about you. The reasons it gave me was that my job was to sit with people rather than telling counsellors what to do. It also hinted that my health would be under too much strain and that I had sufficient money. The gut is always right, because it knows you. It cannot, however, predict how others will react, but that is not your problem.
Extract from my recent book – Understanding and Healing the Hurts of Childhood.
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Understanding and Healing the Hurts of Childhood.
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