There are nine types of intelligence and we all have our own unique creativity

Before I begin this blog, I would like to send my best wishes to all those people, who read it every week. I am very conscious of the awful plague that has us locked down and how stressful this is for many people. My prayer is that all of you stay safe, and let us remember that this will end and we will return to normality. It is like a bereavement for us and we are all in it that bereavement. Please make sure you keep in contact with others in a safe way and most importantly take exercise every day. Jim

In the last blog I mentioned a saboteur, an internalised negative voice which destroys our lives. I gave you some ideas on how to get rid of it. When you have booted the saboteur out of your life, write down the different traits that you wouldlike to have. If you have difficulty doing this, look at people you envy, who seem to have all the desirable qualities that you lack. You will find that despite your fear and feelings of inadequacy, you have many desirable traits. You may, for example, be helpful, persistent, diligent, honest, be good at sport, music and so on. It is worthwhile considering the concept of multiple intelligences (nine types) outlined in the writings of the American developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner, and you will discover that you may have a richer persona than you thought. Emotional intelligence is far more desirable that IQ. Spatial intelligence is also very advantageous. You also have an innate creativity. If you mistakenly label yourself as unintelligent, remember that creativity is your greatest gift. Those who succeed are invariably creative and studies show that child prodigies with high IQs frequently lapse into ordinary, uninteresting adults. All of us have an inner creative child. All you have to do is awaken her. We will look at this in the next blog.
Extract from my recent book – Understanding and Healing the Hurts of Childhood.
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Understanding and Healing the Hurts of Childhood.
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